Refurbished OCULUS Keratograph 2

OCULUS Keratograph 2

€1,800 (EUR)
The OCULUS Keratograph is used to measure corneal topography and is designed for use for the purp...
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Used TOPCON Specular microscope.

TOPCON Specular microscope.

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Dual Measurement System *Corneal Endothelium Measurement *Corneal Thickness MeasurementAlignmen...
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Used NIDEK AR-600A autorefractor
Lightweight, fully automatic smaller and its sleek high tech design. The Nidek AR 600A ( automat...
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Used Topcon Ct-80

Topcon Ct-80

€1,750 (EUR)
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The CT-80 Computerized Tonometer makes intraocular pressure measurements ea...
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Used Essilor AKE-600 autorefractometer Keratometer
In good and working condition
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Used Nikon Nl-2 lensmeter
In good and working condition with printer.
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Used NIDEK Lm-820A


€350 (EUR)
In good working condition with printer
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Used Hoya Lensmeter AL-3300
In good working condition with printer
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Used Zeiss Humphery  Autorefractometer  Hark-599
Fast, accurate and objective measurements with complete printout Automatic cycle for objective m...
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Used NIDEK Rt-2100 with SSC-330 vision Screener
Features: High contrast LCD screen with full data display Lots of information is just a click a...
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Used Weco  Edge 430

Weco Edge 430

€900 (EUR)
Non refurbished but fully in working condition and complete. 3 pcs available
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Used LUMENIS Novus Varia

LUMENIS Novus Varia

€3,500 (EUR)
LUMENIS Novus Varia (red/yellow/greenPhotocoagulator) with Zeiss SL130 Slit LampAiming Beam: Cont...
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