Used Cso Javal Keratometer

Cso Javal Keratometer

€1,000 (EUR)
This is about 10 pcs and whole banch for 1000 euro. The S4OPTIK Javal Ophthalmometer has high pe...
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Used NIDEK Ice mini plus

NIDEK Ice mini plus

€3,000 (EUR)
Description Santinelli ICE-Mini Blocker - Quick and Easy Blocking - Flexible 3-pin lens support...
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Used 2011 Topcon TRC NW-8

2011 Topcon TRC NW-8

€3,500 (EUR)
unfortunately for this device we don't have the pc. We can arrange the software but we don't have...
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Used TOPCON CA-200


€1,000 (EUR)
» Technical Specifications Keratoscope cone 24 rings equally spaced on a 43D sphere Analyzed po...
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Refurbished OCULUS Keratograph 2

OCULUS Keratograph 2

€1,250 (EUR)
The OCULUS Keratograph is used to measure corneal topography and is designed for use for the purp...
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Used Huvitz Automatic Phoropter HDR-9000
Specifications Measurement Range Spherical Lens -29.00~+26.75D (Regular) -19.00~+16.75D (During X...
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Used MARCO CP-690 Ophthalmic Chart Projector
The CP-690 provides you with random access chart selection by using the wireless remote controlle...
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Used Essilor CS 100
The quick and easy multi-function chart projector The CS 100 is an optotype projector with a ver...
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Used 2010 Alcon Ocuscan A-Scan RxP
Includes: Foot pedal B031446 Probe Power Supply Operating System 8065750805 Rev.A Version: R...
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Used 2011 Johnson&Johnson Whitestar signature
[JOHNSON & JOHNSON]( The Whitestar Signature Phacoemulsification Sy...
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Used Zeiss Humphery  740

Zeiss Humphery 740

€3,950 (EUR)
The Humphrey ZEISS HFA 740 visual field in addition to the model 720 features, the Humphrey 740 p...
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Used SHIN-NIPPON BR7 Phoropter
He is very good and clean Warranty: 2 month(s) | Posted: 06.10.2020 | Visits: 114
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