Refurbished OCULUS Keratograph 2

OCULUS Keratograph 2

€2,500 (EUR)
The OCULUS Keratograph is used to measure corneal topography and is designed for use for the purp...
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Used Cso Javal Keratometer

Cso Javal Keratometer

€1,000 (EUR)
This is about 10 pcs and whole banch for 1000 euro. The S4OPTIK Javal Ophthalmometer has high pe...
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Used TOPCON CA-200


€1,000 (EUR)
» Technical Specifications Keratoscope cone 24 rings equally spaced on a 43D sphere Analyzed po...
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Used NIDEK Rt-2100 with SSC-330 vision Screener
Features: High contrast LCD screen with full data display Lots of information is just a click a...
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Used NIDEK phoropter RT-1200s
It is complete with projector, stand and the cables.Printer works not good.
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Used Leybold

Leybold TC2

€2,500 Ex VAT
Optical Coating device.
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Used Zeiss I profiler plus

Zeiss I profiler plus

€13,500 (EUR)
- Product DescriptionCapture, evaluate and explain the best possible solution for each patient - ...
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Refurbished Zeiss primus 200

Zeiss primus 200

€25,000 (EUR)
Reveal hidden structures in the retina and anterior segment with the PRIMUS® 200 from ZEISS, the ...
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Used 2015 SHIN-NIPPON BR-7
Sphere powerRange: +16.75 to -19.00 dioptres Step: 0.25 dioptersCylinder powerRange: 0.00 to -6....
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Used Rodenstock NCT-400

Rodenstock NCT-400

€1,000 (EUR)
Rodenstock Auto NCT-400TypeNon-contact tonometerDescriptionMeasures intraocular pressure withoutt...
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Used Visionix Vx24

Visionix Vx24

€950 (EUR)
- Sharpness, width, connections on the rear - Comprehensive range of applications from low vision...
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Used 2017 Essilor Diafine
A compact hand edger for a perfect edge finish on all material (organic, Polycarbonate, mineral) ...
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