Refurbished 2015 Zeiss Iol master 500
Gold standard biometry with the ZEISS IOLMaster 500 To date, with more than 100 million IOL powe...
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Refurbished Reichert NCT XPERT PLUS
Reichert xpert is a fairly strong airpuff. They have been working in ophthalmic practices for yea...
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Refurbished 2012 Nidek SlY-100

2012 Nidek SlY-100

€950 Ex VAT
SLY-100 VISION TESTER Complete auxiliary Lens Built-in auxiliary Lens with comprehensive visual...
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Refurbished Zeiss Humphery HFA-750i
Data storage, retrieval, and analysis - Hard drive – 40 GB - Magneto-optical disk drive – Option...
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Refurbished POTEC PVA-6100


€2,900 (EUR)
High quality features for professionals! l The highest number of testing methods l PAV-6100 provi...
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Used Zeiss Humphery 740i

Zeiss Humphery 740i

€6,559 (EUR)
REVIEWS (0) Carl Zeiss Humphrey 740i Visual Field Analyzer came with design and clinical experien...
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Refurbished Huvitz CDR-3100

Huvitz CDR-3100

€2,500 Ex VAT
This stylish time saving instrument uses the latest technology to rapidly introduce lens changes ...
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Used Huvitz Automatic Phoropter HDR-9000
Specifications Measurement Range Spherical Lens -29.00~+26.75D (Regular) -19.00~+16.75D (During X...
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Refurbished 2016 Zeiss iProfiler plus
- Capture, evaluate and explain the best possible solution for each patientProvides a comprehensi...
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Demo 2018 NIKON Remote vision ll
Refractor (with / without LED) High-precision lenses and wider measuring range (-32D to +33D). T...
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Used 2015 Zeiss ML 80 exciemer laser
MEL 80 is a top quality Carl Zeiss Meditec product, designed to make the correction of vision def...
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Refurbished 2016 I-OPTICS EasyScan
-Advanced, high-contrast SLO technology at a cost everyone Are Able to Afford -High-contrast ima...
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