Refurbished Essilor APH-400

Essilor APH-400

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APH 400 is an automatic refractor that integrates seamlessly into your existing refraction enviro...
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Demo 2020 i-optics  Cv-7600

2020 i-optics Cv-7600

€2,500 Ex VAT
It is distinguished by a compact and slim design, small size, lens switch, independent adjustment...
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Refurbished Nidek RT-5100

Nidek RT-5100

€5,900 Ex VAT
Smart, Ergonomic Design for Patient Comfort Wide Visual Field (40º) R/L-Independent PD Adjustment...
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Refurbished 2017 Huvitz HDR-7000

2017 Huvitz HDR-7000

€4,500 Ex VAT
The Huvitz HDR-7000 Digital Refractor enables automation of the subjective refraction process. Th...
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