Refurbished POTEC PVA-6100


€2,900 (EUR)
High quality features for professionals! l The highest number of testing methods l PAV-6100 provi...
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Refurbished Huvitz CDR-3100

Huvitz CDR-3100

€2,500 Ex VAT
This stylish time saving instrument uses the latest technology to rapidly introduce lens changes ...
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Demo 2018 NIKON Remote vision ll
Refractor (with / without LED) High-precision lenses and wider measuring range (-32D to +33D). T...
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Demo 2021 Visionix  VX-65

2021 Visionix VX-65

€6,500 (EUR)
Do you ever wonder how many refractions you carry out day after day, all year round? We designed ...
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Refurbished Nidek Rt-2100 with ssc-330
- High contrast LCD screen with full data display - Lots of information is just a click away on y...
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Refurbished 2015 UNICOS UDR-800

2015 UNICOS UDR-800

€4,250 Ex VAT
8 inch LED Display with touch screen for convenient operation 270 degree Tilting for convenient ...
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Refurbished 2014 Essilor APH 400 wireless digital phoropter
APH400 Phoropter - Simple interface to perform all routine manual refraction tasks - Tablet cent...
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