How does it work with importing the equipment in the different countries ?

  • In most countries we can deliver the equipment door-to-door, and our shipping partner arranges all of the paperwork for you. If there is any custom clearance is with client

Wat is the risk of damage to the equipment during transport ?

  • We pack all our equipment in wooden crates/boxes, we only work with well renowned international shipping companies, and there is also the possibility to insure your freight at 1 % or 2 % of the value (invoice), in order to minimize the chance of damages.

Is it possible to come and see the equipment ?

  • You are always welcome to visit our warehouse in The Netherlands to see , test and/or pick up the products.

Once I have ordered a product, how do we proceed ?

  • After receiving your order, we will send you a Pro Forma invoice. Once the invoice is paid, the product will be shipped immediately.

Do the products come with warranty ?

  • There is no warranty on our used equipment. If you have a problem with the equipment, we can help you with repairs, or spare parts at a fair price.