Haag-Streit CTK-922 with PC

Haag-Streit CTK-922 with PC

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Aalten, Netherlands

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This device is fully refurbished and calibrated.

Inclusive 6 month of warranty and 30 days not happy money back guarantee.

Which accessories are included!

All what you see in the picture. So this is the device which is finally going to send you.

Monitor, Keyboard, mouse, cables, oculus head,powersupply and usb convertor box.

Description of the Unit and its Functions

The Haag-Streit CTK-922 belongs to the most modern generation of precision topographic measuring instruments. It combines keratometric and topographic measuring methods in a single unit. Measurement of the corneal surface is carried out through a system of rings which are reflected at the cornea. The resulting data are evaluated by the computer. Technical Principle: A illumination system with a special reflector illuminates a transparent calotte or "skullcap" with concentric circles from behind.

The image of this "cap" is reflecte.

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ModelCTK-922 with PC
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