Refurbished 2012 Nidek SlY-100

2012 Nidek SlY-100

€950 Ex VAT
SLY-100 VISION TESTER Complete auxiliary Lens Built-in auxiliary Lens with comprehensive visual...
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Demo 2018 MSD srl Trial lens set
Full set Italian MSD trial lenses set. Inc trial frame.
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Used Shin-nippon  BR-7

Shin-nippon BR-7

€750 (EUR)
Sphere power: Range: +16.75 to -19.00 dioptres Step: 0.25 diopters Cylinder power: Range: 0.0...
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Demo 2013 Essilor MPH-100 E
• Extensive range of lenses and filters to guarantee quality refractions in far and near vision....
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