Cornea topographer Bon Eye Top s

Cornea topographer Bon Eye Top s

€3,394 (EUR)

Vianen, Netherlands

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24 Analysis Rings. - Measurement zone up to 10mm. - Repeatable with an accuracy of up to 0.01 Diopter. - Realistic Flourescein simulation. - Optional Interpolation-your choice. - Clear and easy to read toolbar. - User definable colour map scales. - Comparison of different examinations for optimal control - Impressive 3D contour map. - Automatic selection of contact lens from over 300,000 contact lenses.* - Design your own contact lens.* - Data base for administration of the contact lens data.* - Interface to various different contact lens manufacturers.* - Email export function. - Can be integrated with the bon Digital Slit lamp. - Fire wire technology.