Nikon Retinomax K3-Plus

Nikon Retinomax K3-Plus

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Aalten, Netherlands

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Compact, light weight wireless handheld Refractometer
With just 969g (equipped with battery), it is 11.1% lighter than previous Retinomax 2. The center of gravity is design in the grip handle make it even much comfortable to hold.

Wide measurement range and high accuracy
Not only best used on infant or small children, but with the wide measurement range on par with table type Ref, it is suitable on most of the usage with high performance and accuracy result.

Speedy Measurement, Display, Printout
Fast measurement which takes only 0.14 sec. Pupil size will automatically measure, display and print out. Measurement is made five times, if the data is unstable, system will automatically retry for 3 times to achieve the most stable result.

Longer usage time
With the adoption of a lithium ion battery, continuous operational time has been extended to approximately 80 minutes. The station has an AC adapter, allowing it to be connected to the main body with a DC cord (optional) to enable extended continuous operation.

Fixation intensity is automatically lowered for small pupil (less than 3mm)
The minimum pupil measurement size in Auto Quick mode is 2.3 mm. If a pupil is less than 3.0 mm, the fixation target intensity will automatically reduced by approximately 45% to avoid pupil contraction.


Measurement range:
– Spherical (S + C): -18.00D to +23.00D (in 0.25D increment)
– Cylinder: 0 to +12D or 0 to -12D (in 0.25D increment)
– Cylinder axis: 1 to 180° (in 1° increment)
Minimum pupil size:
– Φ2.3mm (Auto Quick)
Vertex distance:
– 0, 12mm adjustable

Measurement time: 0.14sec. per indication (continuous)
Pupil size measurement time: +0.27sec./1 time
Dimensions (main body only): 170(W) x 230(H) x 240(D)mm
Weight: Approx. 969g (with battery) (Battery: Approx. 100g)


ModelRetinomax K3-Plus
Stock Number1703490