Zeiss i-profiler

Zeiss i-profiler

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technology of wavefront measurement of High Order Aberrations (HOA) of the eye enables a truer representation of the eye’s optical integrity, where a measurement and quantification of many known optical imperfections (aberrations) are possible. This new area of work is often referred to as ‘‘wavefront technology’’, since rather than the monochromatic aberrations being described in terms of the failure of rays to converge to the expected Gaussian image points, they are specified in terms of the deformations of the corresponding image wavefronts. The field involves a number of different areas:

  • The development of appropriate devices (aberrometer) to measure the aberrations.
  • The use of these measurements in relation to the design and selection of the optimal type of correction for both sphero-cylindrical errors and the aberrations. The possible corrective devices obviously include contact lenses.


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