2011 Zeiss Humphrey 720i

2011 Zeiss Humphrey 720i

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Aalten, Netherlands

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  • Threshold visual fields in as little as 2 minutesSITA sensitivity, reproducibility & accuracy has been shown in clinical testing
  • Diagnostic precisionSTATPAC, the language of perimetry, compares results to proprietary age-normative and glaucoma databases
  • Early glaucoma detectionBlue-yellow perimetry has been shown to provide earlier detection of glaucomatous visual field loss
  • Improved reliabilityPatented fixation monitoring features automatically track and align patient head and eye position, alerting operator to patient movement away from the trial lens
  • Gold standardOver 35,000 Humphrey perimeters worldwide
  • Operator friendlyTouch screen with on-screen menus simplify and expedite instrument operations
  • Patient friendlyWheelchair accessible and award winning ergonomic design allow maximum comfort for all patient body types
  • Complete Archiving SystemThe HFA II - i series contains a hard drive and Magneto-optical drive

No table and printer included.


ModelHumphrey 720i
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