Nidek SSC-330

Nidek SSC-330

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Aalten, Netherlands

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Nidek SSC330 Space Saving Chart

The SSC-330 requires only 1.1m to test at a 5m distance. Perfect for small spaces

Excellent, clear and wide display due to Nidek's unique coating technology. Reflections are also reduced whilst the screen will stay cleaner for longer with its water repellent coating

Ergonomic design

Increased patient comfort. Fast up and down chart movements

The chart, combined with Nidek's automatic system, will automatically adjust its height to that of the customers eye

Remote control for simplicity of use


Refracting distance: 5m (T type and U type), 6m (UK type)

Distance for installation:

1.1 m (from the front panel to customers eye)

0.9m (factory option, all type)

1.3m (factory option, all type)

1.6m (factory option, T type and U type)

Filtering device: Red/Green

Masking devices: Horizontal line, Vertical line, Single letter

Chart switching/Masking time: 0.6 seconds (average)

Lamp: Halogen

Auto OFF function: 15 minutes

Size of chart window: Same as 19inch TV monitor

Adjustable range of chart position: 400mm/15"


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