2013 Topcon 3D OCT-2000 with Laptop

2013 Topcon 3D OCT-2000 with Laptop

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Aalten, Netherlands

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3D OCT Image Topcon’s proprietary FastMap software pioneered the 3D visualization of OCT data, providing another dimension of clinical information, thereby enhancing the understanding and illustration of complex pathologies such as vitreous traction, macular edema and retina schesis. » 3D visualization of OCT data » Illustrates complex pathologies » Quickly export images and 3D movies for presentations Fundus Image High resolution, non-mydriatic, color fundus images allow for visualization of conditions which otherwise would go undetected with OCT technology, such as disc hemorrhages. The 45 degree f ield of view and the availability of stereo photos provides the ultimate diagnostic insight. » High resolution 12.3 MP color fundus camera » Easily capture and view stereo photos » PinPoint Registration™ of OCT data in the fundus image


Model3D OCT-2000 with Laptop
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