2011 Alcon Allegro Wave light

2011 Alcon Allegro Wave light

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Allegro WaveLight® Biograph is an OLCR (optical low-coherence reflectometer) biometric diagnostic device for measuring the axial dimension and front of the human eye, and for determining the appropriate intraocular lens (IOL), which is used as a preparatory procedure for cataract and refractive surgeries. It is based on the low coherent reflectometry, the most advanced and precise optical method for measuring the eye axial length, with an accuracy of 0.01 mm.

The main role of this device is to determine artificial diopter lenses built-in during cataract surgery, especially when inserting premium lenses which include as well multifocal lenses.

This appliance enables much more precise measurements than those obtained by ultrasound, with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. There is also an integrated software using the 3rd and 4th generation of formula for calculating intraocular lens diopter power.

Allegro WaveLight is designed for people with high minus prescription, affected eyes, or those with silicone oil in their eyes, which with the means of the superluminescent diode (SLD) has a better penetration to the blurred lens.

Key functions of the device include:

  • Measurement of the eyeball length
  • Measurement of the corneal thickness (pachymetry)
  • Measurement of the anterior chamber depth
  • Measurement of the natural lens thickness
  • Measurement of the retina thickness
  • Measurement of the cornea curvature (keratometry)
  • Measurement of the pupil width and ratio of the optical axis in relation to the pupil center


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