Bon Easytop S with PC

Bon Easytop S with PC

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Aalten, Netherlands

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This device is fully refurbished and calibrated.

Inclusive 6 month of warranty and 30 days not happy money back guarantee.

Which accessories are included!

All what you see in the picture. So this is the device which is finally going to send you.

Monitor, Keyboard, mouse, cables, oculus head,powersupply and usb convertor box.


Corneal Topography System bon EyeTOP-S.

Eye Top S- The practical choice for soft lens fitting.- Integrated measuring head and joy stick base. Slim line design fits easily onto your refraction unit. Provides all the relevant data for contact lens fitting: Radii, eccentricity etc. Automatic Left right recognition. Can be used with a note book.Eye Top S with Lensmaster contact lens module.The added benefits of a comprehensive lens data base, auto fit and lens design module.Common Features of the Eye Top Systems- 24 Analysis Rings.- Measurement zone up to 10mm.- Repeatable with an accuracy of up to 0.01 Diopter.- Realistic Flourescein simulation.- Optional Interpolation-your choice.- Clear and easy to read toolbar.- User definable colour map scales.- Comparison of different examinations for optimal control- Impressive 3D contour map.- Automatic selection of contact lens from over 300,000 contact lenses.*- Design your own contact lens.*- Data base for administration of the contact lens data.*- Interface to various different contact lens manufacturers.*- Email export function.- Can be integrated with the bon Digital Slit lamp.- Fire wire technology.

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ModelEasytop S with PC
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