2014 Canon HS-100

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2014 Canon HS-100

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Maximum resolution in maximum speed

A single mouse click aligns and focuses on the retina to maximise scan quality allowing automatic functions to simplify examinations. With a second click the scan is initiated, allowing full control over the instrument, while short examination times improve efficiency. Optional OCT Angiography lets you complete retinal exams without the use of intravenous dyes so exams are less invasive.


Select V8 scan modes when needed

  • A variety of modes and the OCT Angiography delivers high-quality images and allows for analysis of macular disease, glaucoma disease, interior imaging or multi-cross scan of any disease.

Review against previous exams

  • Follow-up test setting is automatically selected when a patient's study is chosen. Images of the same region in previous tests can be easily accessed using the fundus auto-tracking function.

Choroid observation setting

  • As C-Gate is set at the choroidal side, so that images of choroid are displayed more clearly.

Noise reduction

  • High-quality and noise reduced images are provided by averaging up to 50 tomographic images.

Retinal layer boundary recognition

  • No retinal layers are left undetected which means even the Bruch's membrane is easily distinguished.

The full view

  • Get a better analysis for each disease and diagnoses, with focus on comparative data analysis displays, detailed indication of retinal depth macular analysis report for glaucoma diagnosis and more.

Simplify and optimise

  • One click correctly aligns and focuses the retina to maximise scan quality. The high scan speed of 70,000 A-scans/sec results in very short examination times improving efficiency & patient experience.

The exam and the follow-up

  • The built in SLO allows high quality retinal observations and precise follow up examinations. Operators can benefit from OCT- Angiography, by upgrading software with the new-Angio Expert AX module.


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