2011 Topcon 3D OCT-2000 FAplus

2011 Topcon 3D OCT-2000 FAplus

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The TOPCON 3D OCT-2OOO Series is an optimal choice for all eye care professionals

The 3D OCT-2000 Series of Spectral Domain OCTs with High Resolution Fundus Cameras was designed to meet the needs of a comprehensive fundus imaging device for all eye care professionals from the single doctor practice to a large

>> OCT, Color, Red-free*1, FA, FAF images acquirable

OCT Technology with the Integrated Fundus Camera

12 x 9 mm wide scan & 5 line cross scan!

Rich analysis functions plus high resolution images

50,000 A-scans/sec – Greater details in shorter time

The enhanced 50,000 A-scans/sec allows for faster tomography acquisition and available to produce clear crosssectional retinal images. Now there are even more imaging variations with the new 12×9mm wide scan enabling the user to capture a wider area of the retina from optic disc to macula with a single shot. Additionally the 5 Line Cross Scan can be a perfect solution for detailed screening and quick follow-up. Moreover, Topcon’s “ Enhanced Choroidal Mode ” visualizes further internal structures, allowing much superior visualization of the interface between choroid and sclera. Data analysis is now selectable from 2 formats – Fine or Basic, and can be performed fast or in detail according to your purposes. Experience sophisticated examination with the new evolved Topcon 3D OCT-2000 Series.

Stunning retinal images with integrated high resolution retinal camera

Combining OCT and a color fundus camera in one unit, the Topcon 3D OCT-2000 line-up is perfected now with FA and FAF photography functions. Furthermore digital Red-free images can be displayed easily at the touch of a button. Owing to flexibly changeable ISO sensitivity, reduced flash level with crystal-clear fundus observation is available resulting in reduced patient fatigue and miosis. If the OCT image is only required, simply select “Color Photography OFF”.

» Anterior segment analysis

Corneal thickness map, corneal thickness distribution

diagram, curvature radius distribution diagram, curvature

radius and peripheral corneal thickness analysis, manual

angle measurement are all available.

  • In order to capture anterior segment photography, it is necessary to use the headrest attachment.


* Import function

FA, FAF, ICG, Red-free images can be imported easily

into Fastmap software. Simultaneous observation of OCT

and imported images become available.


Model3D OCT-2000 FAplus
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