Huvitz CDR-3100

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Huvitz CDR-3100

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This stylish time saving instrument uses the latest technology to rapidly introduce lens changes while you are working comfortably from a seated position. No more shoulder pain at the end of the day! The CDR-3100 can be programmed to memorize several exam routines to accommodate multiple users. The CDR-3100 performs well as a stand-alone unit, or as part of the DRS-3100, our complete Digital Refraction System designed to increase your speed and efficiency.


6 different types of phoria tests

3 different types of binocular balance tests

2 different ways to refine cylinder axis and cylinder power

5 different sets of charts

10 different types of user defined programs

35 different types of user defined tests

Graphical Guide: easy-to-understand diagrams

Multiple function keys

Multiple print formats


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