Huvitz Automatic Phoropter HDR-9000

No longer available

Huvitz Automatic Phoropter HDR-9000

€8,553 (EUR)

Vianen, Netherlands


Specifications Measurement Range Spherical Lens -29.00~+26.75D (Regular) -19.00~+16.75D (During XC or Prism Tests) (0.12/0.25 /0.5 /1/2/3/4D increments) Cylinder Lens 0.00~±8.75D (0.25/0.5 /1/2/3D increments) Cylinder Axis 0°~180° (1/5/15° increments) PD 48~80mm (0.5/1mm increments) Near PD : 50~74mm Near Working Distance : 35~70cm Rotary Prism Lens 0~20△(0.1/0.2/0.5/1/2△ increments) Cross Cylinder ±0.25D ±0.50D ±0.25D Prism Split Lens (Dual Cross Cylinder) Retinoscopic Lens +1.5D, +2.0D (Measurement Distance 67cm, 50cm) Auxiliary Lenses Occluding Aperture Pinhole Lens ø2mm Maddox Rod Right Eye (Red, Horizontal), Left Eye (Red, Vertical) Red / Green Filter Right Eye (Red), Left Eye (Green) Polarizing Filter Right Eye (135°, 45° ), Left Eye (45°, 135° ) Split(Dissociation) Prism Right Eye (6△BU) Left Eye (10△BI : up to 5△ complement) PD Check Lens Fixed XC Lens (±0.50D, with the axis fixed at 90° ) Visual Field 40° (VD=12mm) Hardware Specification Digital Refractor 329(W) X 103(D) X 296(H)mm, 4.20kg Operation Panel 249(W) X 245(D) X 248(H)mm, 2.75kg (including internal printer) Junction Box 240(W) X 141(D) X 71(H)mm, 1.24kg Power Supply 100-240VAC~, 1.0~0.5A, 50/60Hz