2017 Keeler Tonocare2

2017 Keeler Tonocare2

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• Easy to use The lightweight, yet robust, hand-held form means it quickly and easily adapts to use in many different environments. • Speed of use The TonoCare 2.0 is ready to use in less than 10 seconds after being switched on and readings for both eyes can be achieved in as little as 30 seconds. • Patient comfort The highly portable unit allows measurements to be taken wherever the patient is most comfortable. • Accuracy The TonoCare 2.0 uses advanced optical and sensor technology for positional detection and puff control. Clear user controls and a colour internal display combine to provide exceptional usability. • Patient safety Safety is always front of mind for Keeler. The non-contact TonoCare 2.0 ensures a minimal risk of eye damage or cross contamination. • Docking Station The TonoCare 2.0 comes with its own dedicated charger stand which includes cordless IR connection to the printer, instantaneous data transmission and the option of data output via USB to a computer.


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