2021 Visionix VX-65

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2021 Visionix VX-65

€5,500 (EUR)



Do you ever wonder how many refractions you carry out day after day, all year round? We designed the VX 65 to tackle the toughest workloads. 20 refractions a day 300 days per year for 10 years. That is 60,000 times less you need to bend over a manual phoropter turning dials and knobs.

Versatile 3-in-1 device

A phoropter that adapts to the way you work.

Ideal for multi-skilled practices: switch between digital manual phoropter and auto-phoropter mode any time

Control the entire refraction process with either the tablet or an optional ergonomic control panel

Intensive use

Benefit from Visionix technology improvements and experience a more accurate and comfortable refraction process.

Easy integration

Full data management dashboard to manage your data from external devices (EMR/ARK)

Import data wirelessly from other devices (such as AR/K and lensometers) via VX Box

Export refraction data into your EMR system at the touch of a button

Reduce adoption time for new users

The VX 65 is extremely versatile, including two interfaces for those new to digital refraction and advanced users. One of this interface having manual-and auto-phoropter mode.

Precise engineering

Rugged materials and components for excellent longevity

Precisely tooled parts for smooth and silent operation

Speedy lens transitions and startup initialization

Long lasting

Better components for maximum durability

Mechanical components tested to handle 60,000 refractions during their lifetime

Up to 10 years of intensive use


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