Topcon TRC-Nw200

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Topcon TRC-Nw200

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TOPCON's unique built-in CCD camera provides 3.1 megapixels of high quality imaging.Auto Exposure

The TRC-NW200 employs Topcon's new AE (Auto Exposure).

This helps the operator by automatically adjusting the exposure to the necessary intensity for properly illuminated images.Smaller Pupil Capability

The innovative design of the TRC-NW200 allows images to be obtained through pupils as small as 3.7mm. This is a tremendous benefit when dealing with elderly patients, with asymmetric pupils or when the patient is taking certain medications.


Illuminated Operation Panel

The illuminated operation panel facilitates operation in dimly lighted environments.Lower Flash Intensity

The sensitivity of the new CCD chip allows a lower flash intensity (3.3W) to be used.

This results in more comfort for the patient and better compliance during the imaging procedure.Easy Alignment & Focusing

Alignment is easily accomplished by simply overlapping two bright spots on the monitor.Focusing is just as easily accomplished by aligning the two split lines of the focusing bar.This combination assures fast and precise image acquisition.Enhanced operational ease

With the Mode Dial, capturing, storing on the CF card and USB transfer can be easily selected. In addition, the desired thumbnail displays and fixation point selections can be quickly chosen.IMAGEnetTM 2000 Lite

Efficient basic to comprehensive data management can be achieved with Topcon's IMAGEnetTM 2000 family of software products. For example, with IMAGEnetTM2000 Lite, the TRC-NW200 provides an advanced total solution for image acquisition, filing & evaluation.


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