Huvitz HDR-7000

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Huvitz HDR-7000

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The user-friendly Huvitz HDR-7000 Automated Phoropter includes 18 visual acuity test charts and 26 vision test charts allowing more precise exams. Satisfaction, confidence and comfort-HDR-7000 realizes advanced refraction test with cutting-edge digital technology. Fulfill more precise exam with various vision tests covering basic to more sophisticated ones. Luxurious design and intuitive graphic interface meet the highest requirement of aesthetic and functional comfort.

The Huvitz HDR-7000 is a high-tech Digital Refractor with countless specialty features that deliver an unmatched degree of control. Dual Cross Cylinder Lens, Automatic Occlusion and Convergence, as well as monocular PD adjustment all work together to ensure accuracy and precision. Display panel guides, updated tables and graphics, and intuitively organized keys make operation remarkably simple. Fast lens loading, a multi-function jog dial and smartly placed printer make the HDR-7000 incredibly convenient as well. No detail was neglected in this design—even the the LCD panel tilts and swivels, making it possible to share the displayed information in any direction or angle. The HDR-7000 can interface with your charts, autorefractor/keratometer, lensmeter and computer system, making it a smart choice for any practice that’s looking to take vision testing to the next level.


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