2009 Topcon OMS-710 operation microscope

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2009 Topcon OMS-710 operation microscope

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OMS-710 Operation Microscope

The new OMS-710 Operation Microscope is designed specifically for cataract and anterior segment surgery. The instrument features newly designed optics that minimize flare, provide excellent color and contrast, and increase the depth of field while supplying a superior red reflex. A color temperature filter enhances visibility and provides a more natural color tone.

The OMS-710 also features an easy-to-read color LCD display and comfortable, fatigue-free observation. An optional 0º rotatable assistant microscope facilitates anterior segment surgery.

The OMS-710 is also 27% lighter than its predecessors, making it easier to install and simple to maneuver in the operating room. The compact footprint will fit easily into most operating environments.


ModelOMS-710 operation microscope
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