Grand Seiko GL-7000

Grand Seiko GL-7000

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Color LCD

With the Color LCD Monitor and Icon, the information is easy to understand.

Easy Measurement of Progressive Lens

Due to the automatic recognition of progressive lens and other futures, all the lens can be measured much more comfortably.


With the high speed Thermal Printer, it can print out the measured data quickly.

Measurement Range : Sphere (S) -25-+25D (0.0l/0.12/0.25Dstep)

Cylinder (C) O-±lOD (0.01/0.l2/0.25Dstep)

Axis (A) l-180"(1"step)

Addition 0-+ 10D (0.01/0.12/0.25Dstep)

Prism 0-1OLi. (0.0l/0.12/0.25Li.step)

Wavelength : 660nm

Lens : Glasses Lens, Hard/Soft Contact Lens

Lens Size : MaxplOOmm

Monitor : 5.7 inch LCD Monitor (Colour)

Printer : Thermal Printer (Width58mm) [GL-7000 Only]

Dimension : (W) 200mmX (D) 395mmX (H) 365mm

Weight : About6kg

Output Power : RS-232C Interface

Supply : 100-240V 50/60Hz

Consumption : 40VA

Power Save : OFF,3,5,lOmin. (Selectable)


ManufacturerGrand Seiko
Stock Number00005