Zeiss Humphery 740

Zeiss Humphery 740

€3,000 (EUR)

Vianen, Netherlands

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The Humphrey ZEISS HFA 740 visual field in addition to the model 720 features, the Humphrey 740 perimeter includes 19 test patterns, user designed custom testing capability with a testing range out to 90 degrees. A 1.1GB hard disk storage is provided, eliminating the need for an external computer. SITA, the expert operating system, is an optional feature on the model Humphrey 740. Fastpac software is included reducing testing time by 40%. multiple statpac test results can be printed to compare visual field progression over time. Foveal threshold testing, stimulus sizes from Goldman I-V and stimulus colors in Red and blue are included. IOP, C/D, and user comments can be entered on the printout. A VGA monitor hook up for FHA screen viewing outside the perimetry room is built in. Includes Wheelchair accessible table and printer.


ManufacturerZeiss Humphery
Stock Number1703405