Topcon TRC NW-200

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Topcon TRC NW-200

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Aalten, Netherlands


Infrared light is emitted from the observation illumination optical system. By using this infrared light, the eye ground of the patient is illuminated. The image received by the built-in observation CCD camera is shown on the monitor and the inspector can observe the eye ground. After adjusting the photography position and focus, a visible light is emitted from the photography illumination optical system by operating the photography switch of the instrument body. The image received by the photography CCD camera is recorded in the memory card, a commercial computer and an external recording device. When digital zoom is set, the illumination aperture is automatically changed and the photographed corneal diameter is changed. While the infrared filter is removed from the observation illumination optical system, color photography is possible.

Picture angle: 45°, Digital zoom is possible. (×2/×4)

Working range: 40.7mm

Minimum pupil diameter: φ4.0mm or more when 45° is set. φ3.7mm or more when the digital zoom is set.

Diopter compensation range: No compensation lens -13D ~+12D, Using (-) compensation lens -12D ~-33D, Using (+) compensation lens +9D ~+40D

Fixation target: Center 4 fixed points, Nose 1 fixed point, Ear 1 fixed point, Automatic detection of right-and-left movement

Base movement: Coarse back-forth 46mm, right-left 100mm, Fine back-forth & right-left 16mm each, Vertical: 30mm

Chinrest movement: Vertical 60mm

Dimensions (W x D x H): 272 ×505 × 530 mm

Weight: 24kg 


ModelTRC NW-200
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