Zeiss OPMI 99

No longer available

Zeiss OPMI 99

€500 (EUR)

Aalten, Netherlands


Only th e head.

The Zeiss Opmi 99 is intended for the private market where the Opmi 99’s package allows for lower costs. The Opmi 99 is a miniaturized version of the standard operating microscope. It is of a simple design, utilizing to a great extent “engineering polymers” (as plastics are euphemistically called), carbon fiber reinforced polymers for small straight or inclined binocular tubes. The Galilean 3-step magnification changer 0.6-1-1.6x has a base of 16 mm. The objective mount has a 10 mm fine focusing device, beyond that the entire instrument can be moved on its balanced parallelogram ar


ModelOPMI 99
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