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Kowa RC-2 retinal camera permits easy interchange of camera body and lenses to adapt the camera for instant photography and fluorescence photography. This camera can be used for more specialized ophthalmic techniques. Some of these special photographic techniques are retinal photographs with an angle of view of 30°, retinal photographs with an angle of view of 15°, photographs of anterior segment and full face, goniophotography with mirror contact lens, fluorescence photography of the fundus and anterior segment (iris, cornea and conjunctiva), stereoophotography of the fundus and anterior segment, instant photography of the funus, anterior segment and full face. The color, fluorescence- and instant photographs are excellent and the image quality is the same as that of other table top models. Remarkable is the great depth of field for anterior segment photographs. The fundus fluorescence photographs are more plastic (three-dimensional) illuminated than fluorescence photographs made with other retinal cameras and brings out relief into the image. This happens because the fundus is illuminated through the lower edge of the pupil and not from the same direction as the optical system for photography or observation. Any single reflex camera with special cross-hairs focusing screen is usable to be adapted to the Kowa RC-2.

Items delivered:

- Kowa RC-2 Handheld Retinal / Fundus Camera

- Power Supply

- Connecting Cable

- Hard Shell Carrying Case



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