Topcon CL-200

Topcon CL-200

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Vianen, Netherlands

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Product Description


Progressive Lens Measurement

Sophisticated software makes progressive lens measurement easier and faster than ever before.

Green Light Reading Beam

The CL-200 incorporates a newly developed green light reading beam. With this ISO 7944 complying feature, ABBE compensation is no longer required. The TOPCON CL-200 is the first computerized lensmeter to offer this ISO compliant feature that enhances measurement precision.

Smart Design, Consistent Results

Ingenuity in the CL-200 design presents for a slim, modern look while providing consistent and reliable results.

Comfortable Operation

The viewing of the LCD screen covers a 75 degree angle of observation allowing clear, comfortable readings from virtually any position regardless of the operator’s height. A conveniently located knob permits the brightness of the screen to be adjusted to best suit the working environment.

New Color LCD Screen

The wider, newly designed color LCD simplifies the interpretation of the readings, even with progressive lenses. The dynamic color measuring graphics show the ADD values as they are being measured providing better control and ease of use.

New Lens Table

The magnetically operated lens table slides smoothly for easy and comfortable lens reading. Even when measuring small progressive lenses with a near point close to the edge, its smart and minimal design makes measurement of all types of lenses fast and easy.

Contact Lens Measurement

Contact lenses can easily and comfortably be measured using the CL-200 lens plate and ring accessories that come standard with the instrument.

Small and Convenient Accessory Box

A conveniently located compartment in the back of the instrument provides space to store accessories, ink cartridges and paper.


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