2014 Huvitz HPE-7000 edger


2014 Huvitz HPE-7000 edger

€3,500 (EUR)

Vianen, Netherlands


The Excelon 7000 series edges with HAB 8000 of 2014 tracer and blocker all lens materials including glass, plastic, hi-index, polycarbonate, and Trivex® as well as edge polish bevels and flats with unmatched speed and accuracy making it our highest performance and most user friendly lens edging system. The optional 3-Dimensional drill makes it possible to create virtually any lens hole you need, with simple drag and drop options via the integrated user-friendly touch screen.

Huvitz Excelon XD HPE-7000 Features:

User friendly touch screen and graphical user interface

Advanced 3-Dimensional digital technology

Detailed edging status is displayed graphically in real-time

Dual side feelers for 50% faster lens reading

Dual CPU system supports full multitasking, editing and loading

Integrated drill module

 Both are in working condition but as our main work is Nidek and Essilor we could give no warranty but we can help you with the spare parts.

Calibration box is not included but for 250 euro extra we can arrange.

No waterpomp included


ModelHPE-7000 edger
Stock Number1703309