NIDEK Rt-2100 with SSC-330 vision Screener

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NIDEK Rt-2100 with SSC-330 vision Screener

€1,700 (EUR)

Aalten, Netherlands



High contrast LCD screen with full data display

Lots of information is just a click away on your display with options to view pupil distance, previous lens data, refractor lens settings, unaided visual acuity, objective measurements, chart indications and full test data to name a fewSimple dial operationFull program in 5 different sequences

From unaided measurement to full prescription, you can set the RT2100 up exactly how you wantAutomatic VA value predictionFinal Fit... Compute the most comfortable value automatically with extra refinement via semi auto adjustmentVarious interface functions to connect to external appliancesAll the masked charts are switchable for single letter maskingSelectable dioptric stepsSubjective refinement from selectable AR/LM dataSelectable axis and prism stepsSelectable automatic PRISM feeder speedThe following can be input, printed out and transmitted to PC:

Stereoscopic vision test result

Aniseikonia test result

Worth test result

Near point of convergence NPC value

Near point of accommodation NPA value

Negative relative accommodation NRA value

Positive relative accommodation PRA value

FAR/NEAR divergence and convergence test data

KM data of ARK

ADD/PRISM data of LMDirect input of AR/LM data from non Nidek instrumentsLong working distanceCross cylinder lensesHigh quality near point card


ModelRt-2100 with SSC-330 vision Screener
Stock Number1703298