2017 Oculus KERATOGRAPH 3

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2017 Oculus KERATOGRAPH 3

€2,900 (EUR)

Vianen, Netherlands


The special characteristic of the Keratograph is the combination of measurement queratométrica and of topography cornea.

- Extraordinary high resolution of the cornea thanks to 22.000 points of measurement.

- The transmission of digital images and the automatic communication guarantee a reproduction of first.

- The intuitive and easy application to learn with surroundings of screen Windows™

- Measurement without contact with a distance of 3.15"

- compatible Software with network.

- Detection and quantification of queratocono based in several indexes.

- Screen of comparison of refraction to control the progression of lens orto-K of wear.

- Software that fits with lens of contact with simulation of images desenfocadas real.

- Database LC preprogramada extensiva.

- Function of edition for his own line of lens.

- Recommendation of LC individualizada and personalised.

- Module of pupilometría optional.

Presentation of screen miscellaneous:

- Measurement.

- Visualisation of global sight.

- Map in colour big.

- Cornea in 3D.

- Analysis of Fourier.

- Analysis of Zernike.

- Indices.

- Way of visualisation refractivo.

- Data of height.

- Asfericidad.

- Image of camera.

- Comparison refractiva.

- Comparative examinations.


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