Used Oculus Park 1 autorefractometer keratometer pachymeter
The PARK 1® combines a non-contact pachymeter, auto-refractometer and keratometer in one unit. In...
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Used 2014 NIDEK AR-20 ST1

2014 NIDEK AR-20 ST1

€1,500 (EUR)
The AR-20 autorefractometer is a portable autorefractometer. It consists of a base (charging) sta...
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Used 2017 TOPCON KR-1

2017 TOPCON KR-1

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TOPCON KR-1 Kerato-Refractometer features completely automated operation with an easy-to-use colo...
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Used Zeiss Humphery  Autorefractometer  Hark-599
Fast, accurate and objective measurements with complete printout Automatic cycle for objective m...
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Used Nikon NRK-8000

Nikon NRK-8000

€1,350 (EUR)
Used Nikon NRK 8000 Specifications The Nikon NRK8000 Auto Refractor Keratometer gives fast accur...
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